Friday, January 9, 2009

Can you say "BOSU Ball Burpee" 10 times fast?

Yesterday when I was at the gym I saw a girl doing burpees with a BOSU ball! She did them the same way we do except she did the pushup on the BOSU ball and instead of jumping at the end she lifted the BOSU ball over her head. Now, not that I, or anyone doing this burpee competition (oops - i mean challenge :) ) is competitive, but as soon as I saw that I just had to know if I would be capable of doing my burpees that way. So, before I left the gym I tried one and it went ok, but it wasn't enough to feed my curiosity.
So today - back at the gym, and nine burpees to do. Of course I had to do them with the BOSU ball, just to prove to myself that I could do burpees as well as that girl. And of course I didn't get rid of the jump - but rather jumped with the BOSU ball over my head(not competitive at all). I managed to pull out all nine on the BOSU ball, and while it was manageable, I couldn't imagine doing many more in a row that way! What was so challenging were the pushups. Not my favorite exercise to begin with, the pushups became that much more difficult as the BOSU ball forced me to keep my core tight. I will say that the nice thing about BOSU ball burpees was that you don't have to squat down as far before thrusting your legs out. I would actually recommend it for people that have bad knees. As a knee surgery survivor I found that my knees felt much better after doing the burpees on the BOSU ball.
So I challenge you all - someday, find a BOSU ball and try a couple of burpees on it...and let me know what you think! Does anyone else have any other unique ways/added toys to add to the burpee challenge?


  1. omg hobs, now i have to do bosu burpees!!! there is a man at my crossfit gym (a crazy, crazy man) who does burpee pullups! he leaps right into the pullup. i hate him a little because i can't beat him at this...

  2. I am already having such a hard time with the push up part. Thanks to Rif's suggestion today I started adding additional push ups after the burpees as I am soon to my max and I really don't want to have to do them on my knees.

  3. One weekday night, I held off on my burpees till right before bed (long after the family with the baby on the floor below me had gone to bed, I'm sure) and I didn't want to make too much noise with all the jumping. I modified the burpee by wearing socks and sliding my feet between the squat and the plank and concentrating on a nice soft landing on the jump. It reminded me of gym sessions with Chris Hasfal and the towel torture!