Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Crossing them off, little by little

not sure how clear this picture is going to look, but here is my burpee log. as the numbers get bigger (and in particular my number to make up stays large) its worth logging burpees. especially if you are like me and break them down quite a bit (as shown) and are forgetful!
this morning i did all of day 27s first thing, then did an extra 13 to get me down to 122 to make up. i'm hoping to do an extra 30 today, getting me to under 100 to make up.
side note - i attempted to try what i call an advanced burpee today: instead of the squatting down, kicking back, push up progression i did more of an up-down and threw my body down and out at the same time, then pushed up, back to squat, jump. some things that i learned: in the short term, they are easier, wasting less effort on the squat down, kicking out and downward component of the push up. at the same time - be careful! i noticed there is a lot of weight resting on the wrists if you don't get into a good rhythm and don't let your arms give on the way down. i did the first 5 of my set of 13 this way and will continue to try more in small amounts.


  1. Also, it's easy to bruise your knees if you let them hit...if you're not keeping your body straight...thank you Draft Barn!

  2. I love your commitment frankie. Keep up the good work!