Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Day 14 - Burpees on my mind

LB's question about where the name "burpee" came from got me thinking, so I did some quick research. Wikipedia doesn't say where the name came from, but it does list the steps of the burpee, including my favourite: "8. Repeat many times."

However, I also found a lot of other random burpee things! The humble burpee is also...

-a museum of natural history in Rockford, IL! (Fun fact: they are currently promoting an event called PaleoFest, although I'm pretty sure their version is different than the one some of the burpee challengers are doing...)
-a seed company! You can buy seeds to grow all sorts of things. Who wants a garden of Burpee seeds this spring? They also have a fun zone finder to tell you what plants will grow best in your area. Their chart says that most of us live in Zone 6 and our last frost-free date will be mid-May. Um...I really hope they're wrong!
-a family. "The Burpees were a well-established Philadelphia family descended from French Canadian Huguenots whose original family name, Beaupe, had in the course of several generations assumed an Americanized spelling and pronunciation."
-a truck. If you yahoo image search "burpee," this is the first result.

So basically, we're no closer to knowing the where the burpee came from, but at least we know some trivia for pub quiz!

Any other ideas?

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  1. just want to give a shout out to my hometown of rockford, il. whoop!